Why a PR mention from The Guardian is so much better than one from the BBC

One of the first things I do when I get to my desk in the morning is to browse popular media sites for small business stories. I like to see what makes the news and understand the many different reasons why small businesses get media coverage. This morning, I came across this article on the […]

Why old press releases still attract links

x https://youtu.be/-eh9Khu05gA Press releases are time specific and one of the first things you see in any release is the date. So it’s easy to think that after a day or so they’ve served their purpose, and are no longer that useful. But press releases can still bring substantial coverage and links long after they’ve […]

59 lists you really must have to build quality links

(with Garrett French of CitationLabs.com) Compiling lists of all kinds is integral to the work of a link builder. Not only do lists make the job easier, they save a lot of time and make sure you don’t miss easy opportunities. Both Garrett and I almost build our working lives around lists. In the draft […]

Are video interviews the ultimate link magnet? (with Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com)

Video interviews with experts are a terrific way to create outstanding content that attracts a lot of links. The technology required is simple–what is important is a process that ensures the end-product is interesting for people to watch and want to share. We’re all under pressure to create compelling content that is good enough to […]

FREE 12-part Link Building Course!

To be really effective at link building, you’ve got to have a reliable link analysis tool. Not only should the tool provide you with an endless supply of link prospects, it should be able to tell your the quality of those prospects: it should be able to show you what strategies your competitors use to […]

Video: How Online PR adds a new dimension to your link building

Here’s some great examples of editorial links from online PR. All the examples were gathered in just 30 minutes on a single day – November 5th. In the video, I explain 6 archetypal stories that journalists use time and again – use them in your own PR and the chances of getting coverage will increase! […]

8 Lessons for SEOs from Muck Rack’s “Today’s Journalist” Survey

(This article was originally published in my regular column on SearchEngineWatch.com) One of the things that SEO and PR have in common is that many practitioners in both industries are self-taught. People in them tend to learn by doing — just jump in and learn from experience and by sharing with colleagues. Media coverage can […]

3 Killer Survey Questions to Generate Useful Content For a Link Building Campaign

The quality of the content you create is influenced by the quality of the material on which it is based. However, that material may not be complete – a client’s knowledge of their own customers is often far from perfect.

A customer survey can be a source of rich content. But to gather the sort of material you need, every customer survey should include these three often-overlooked questions.

In creating content, it’s important to grab as much information from your clients as you possibly can – the more you can absorb from them the better the creative content ideas that you come up with. And asking clients detailed questions shows you’re interested and curious – the better the questions you ask, the more trust you build.

The Blarney Zone – Online PR Video Course

Journalists want news. Businesses want coverage.  When those two needs meet, you’re in ’The Blarney Zone’ and you get a great piece of news coverage. But often businesses forget about the essential ingredient – ‘news’. Enter The Blarney Zone, an online video course created of two Irishmen that want to teach businesses ‘the gift of […]

Is Spectacular Content The Only Content Worth Creating? (Video)

In this video I want to explore the idea of spectacular content – content so good that it will attract links – often without asking. I want to tell you what it is, share a great example and give you 10 lessons that you can apply to your own work. (This video is based on […]