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Over 70 Epic Social Media Case Studies

I love case studies – they're a fantastic way to learn what other people are doing and gain inspiration for your own work. I reckon you can get at least one actionable idea from any well-written case study.  But of course, they have to be good case studies. That's why I love articles like this […]

Link Building Tactics: 10 to Avoid, 14 to Follow

In webinars and emails, I increasingly get the question, “Isn’t link building dead?” The answer is that a certain type of link building is dead, and a new type of link building has taken its place. Of course, in a period of transition there is a lot of confusion and people carry on doing things […]

Conquer Effective, Efficient Link Building in 7 Weeks!

To rank well, you need lots of relevant, high-quality backlinks. That’s why learning how to build better links in less time should be at the top of your SEO priority list. With Get Links: 7 Weeks to Link Building Mastery, you can eliminate the guesswork—and get right down to creating a linking strategy that brings […]

The curious case of Curious Sofa

The economic crisis has taken its toll on many businesses, none more so than the creative ones. Debbie Dusenberry, the owner of furniture store Curious Sofa in Kansas, has been particularly hard hit after years of successful business. In The Dusenberry Diary: When Passion Meets Math on the New York Times You're The Boss blog, […]

Fighting crime can be big business

Thievery can send a business under, particularly theft from within. Any company that comes up with a solution to curb that problem is therefore likely to be onto a pretty profitable business model. CNN Money recently ran an article on "inside jobs" plaguing the country's retail sector entitled 'Fighting the five-finger discount: No time to […]

The power of comment

The power of comment is often underestimated by start-ups. It allows businesses to gain national exposure, while also appearing to be an expert in their chosen industry. The business travel website illustrated the use of this marketing medium in a recent New York Times article on the battle to implement Wi-Fi internet access on […]

Falling house prices effects entrepreneurial opportunities

As the population struggles to come to terms with the property price button having been reset, little thought is spared for those that rely on their home for both personal residence and security on the business. For a number of small businesses across America however, it's fair to say that dropping home values crunch credit […]

Business location is key, and not always obvious

A great deal of business success comes as a result of opportunity. While this opportunity can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, there is one area that if you strike lucky, can make the world of difference – location. Deciding where to locate a new business is a big decision. Some people's minds […]

Pizzeria slays Colonel’s corporation

Faced with a legal challenge from a global corporation, many start-ups could be forgiven for evoking the famous biblical battle between David and Goliath. However, a small pizzeria in Scotland has received national coverage in the UK for its successful battle against Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Titanic Pizza, which is based in Angus, Carnoustie, has […]

In business, safety sells

A number of stand-out qualities will significantly enhance the salability of a product and it is often these same qualities that drive an inventor to design the item in the first place. However, design and salability are only any good if a company has a platform from which to sell – if the customers can't […]

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