The Blarney Zone – Online PR Video Course

Journalists want news. Businesses want coverage.  When those two needs meet, you’re in ’The Blarney Zone’ and you get a great piece of news coverage. But often businesses forget about the essential ingredient – … [Continue reading]

Is Spectacular Content The Only Content Worth Creating? (Video)

In this video I want to explore the idea of spectacular content – content so good that it will attract links – often without asking. I want to tell you what it is, share a great example and give you 10 lessons that you can apply to your … [Continue reading]

Creative Link Building – Fabulous Complementary Book

Recently I had the pleasure of helping Buzzstream put together a spectacular piece of content, "Linking Outside The Box" on the subject of creative link building. In the book, link building experts share their secrets in 8 compelling … [Continue reading]

How Surveys Stimulate Our Sexual Brain

Want to make a product sound sexy, even when it’s got nothing to do with sex? Many brands are finding that they can use sex surveys to attract publicity from large media outlets and hundreds of influential bloggers. Brands like:  The US … [Continue reading]

How Online Videos Can Generate Links

By Manroop Takhar The presence of videos on the web – whether shocking and thought provoking or cute and funny – have revolutionised not just the web, but how you can generate links to your website. Some, like the cringe-worthy Cheeky … [Continue reading]

Link Building and Content Promotion with Eric Ward

Discover the Secrets to Getting and Keeping Google Traffic  Feeling anxious about Google’s ongoing updates? Building links is still critical for boosting search traffic—but now more than ever, Google demands quality links. A poor … [Continue reading]

Video: Social Media Comment Leads to Links and Interview on Inc. Magazine

Social media makes journalists accessible in ways that were never possible just a few short years ago. Learning when and how to do that well can lead to fantastic coverage and editorial links. In this video interview, we look at how one savvy … [Continue reading]

Are Some Industries Too Boring For Link Building? (Video)

Sometimes when you're struggling for links you might wish you had a more exciting project or client to work on. One where it was pretty easy to attract links because there was lots of useful, interesting stuff to use in your link building … [Continue reading]

Link Building Post Panda and Beyond – Webinar Recording

Link building is still vital to your search traffic - that hasn't changed. But what has changed is how you've got to do link building. Cheap tricks are out, quality tactics are most definitely in. In this lively FREE webinar, Eric Ward and … [Continue reading]

Broken Link Building – Access for participants

Webinar recording from Thursday 8th August The webinar takes you through the broken link building process, first showing you how to do it "by hand" so you understand the process, then showing you how to use the Broken Link Building Tool … [Continue reading]

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